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New technology service focuses on leading a good life both at home and in a care home

Uutinen   •   Maalis 06, 2019 10:00 EET

Tamro will launch a new business that focuses on supporting a good and safe life both at home and in a care home. This innovative technology service links health care units and home care customers, and offers new solutions for providing quality home care for Finns in the future.

The service includes several functions. Robots dispense automatically dosed medication to home care customers, and their connectivity to various sensors and measuring instruments provides strong support for preventive health care.

Dose-dispensing robots remind the customers to take their medicine and keep in touch with the responsible health care unit. If a customer misses a dose for some reason, the service informs the health care unit and the health care personnel receives a signal to check the customer’s status and the possible need for immediate help. Similarly, information collected with various sensors is readily available to health care professionals and bi-directional communication with the patient and even video calls are possible.

The solution will be piloted during the spring in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Lahti.

“There is a surging demand for quality home services that are cost-efficient for society. The need for home care is expected to triple by 2030, particularly among the elderly. We are happy that the fruit of international cooperation between Tamro and the PHOENIX Group will be placed on the Finnish market first and made available to municipal and private health care units,” says Managing Director Kai Kaasalainen.

As the need for cost-efficiently produced, effective health services grows, the health care sector must soon decide how to ensure sufficient health care personnel and to target the human resources optimally. This is where Tamro’s new business can help by giving the nurses more time for human interaction and by supporting a dignified life for the elderly who live at home.

From the very start, this new service will combine drug robotics and interactive, data secure connections to stakeholder groups essential for the patients’ treatment and well-being. In the future, the solution will serve as a growing platform for multifaceted technology-mediated services and remote monitoring of well-being that support living at home.

Additional information

Juho Remes, Business Unit Manager, tel. +358 40 353 5903,

Tea Mills, Sales Manager, tel. +358 400 511 438,

Kai Kaasalainen, Managing Director, tel. +358 40 589 8246

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